Taming Kirix Strategy, The 4.2 Spiders


There are 5 new spider models that can be tamed since 4.2, all looking the same, except the color.
There are yellow, green (venom), red, orange and purple skins. These are not exotic pets, so no need to use the beastmaster spec.

You can find the yellow ones all over the Firelands Front (where are the Firelands dailies, from the portal), also there are some more »

Taming Magria And Ankha Tips And Tactics, Spawning Location

Magria and Ankha are the two new spirit beasts that were added in the latest patch, 4.2.

Both Magria (blue), Ankha (green) have the same look as the old Gondria from Wrath of the Lich King, except the colors.


Ankha has the same looks except the green color. Also the avatar looks greener.

These two pets are spawning on the same locations, one at a more »

New 8 Hunter Pets in 4.2 – Details

The newest patch notes from Blizzard announced 8 new pets that can be tamed by hunters in 4.2.

Here is a list with all of them:

Ban’thanlos – Spirit Beast, Ghost owl (Olm skin)
Anhka – Spirit Beast Cat (White striped Gondria)
Magria – Spirit Beast Cat (Blue Gondria)
Solix – Spider. Orange
Kirix – Spider. Green
more »

Clever Use Of Game Mechanics: Two Or More Spirit Beasts For Hunters

As pointed in a topic from Wow-europe forums, hunters can use more than a spirit beast for the healing ability (spirit mend) by using a trick.

This is clever use of game mechanics as in arena for example you can use a macro to rotate all the pets (5 spirit beasts) and get 5 healings as spirit mend does not share the cooldown if you switch to another pet. If you ressumon again the pet more »

Taming Karoma, The Spirit Wolf From Twilight Highlands

Cataclysm brought two new spirit beasts that can be tamed by hunters: Karoma, a spirit wolf from Twilight Highlands and the spectral crab, Ghostcrawler.

Karoma looks like an old untamable pet that appeared for a tauren starting quest. It is an exotic pet so beastmaster spec is needed in order to tame him.

This is how the pet looks:

Karoma can be found in Twilight more »

Mend Pet Power Aura

For soloing stuff, for example: Grull’s Lair or Magtheridon’s Lair that rewards 500 gold, 1k gold both, you will need this power aura that will help you see the mend pet buff duration.

Mend Pet lasts 10 seconds, you will get a visual + sound warning when Mend Pet has expired.

Install the Power Aura addon and import these settings:

Version:4.13; b:0.1804; more »

Pet`s happiness is getting removed in 4.1

Hunter related post.

Blizzard seems to aim to simplify hunter’s gameplay even more. Pet’s happiness will get removed in the next patch, 4.1.
All the abilities that had something to do with the pet’s happiness are also being removed or changed. The glyph of mend pet will now increase slightly the pet’s size instead of having a chance to increase the more »

Beastmaster Ferocity Pets Specs

Beastmaster Ferocity Pets Specs
Hunter related post.

Check the picture to see the optimal spec for ferocity pets. They are and were in the past the best type of pets for beastmaster spec in both PVP and PVE.
Some beastmasters are even using silithids in PVP, however the dmg is somehow lower than when using a ferocity pet.

The default spec in 4.0.6:

- Dash and more »

Where to tame the spectral crab (Ghostcrawler)?

The class developer for world of warcraft has the nickname “Ghostcrawler” a very loved and hated toon by the wow community because for his affirmations, and pvp class balances got a pet who can be tamed by hunters.
This pet is a spectral crab, is an exotic, you need to be level 85 to tame it.
It can be found in Abyssal Depths, Abandoned Reef, Vashj’ir underwater more »

Taming Jadefang

Jadefang, hunter’s pet.
This Rare is availble to spawn via a certain item for a random Tharazane daily quest in the crumbling waste in Deepholme or via that thingie that engineers have.

How to tame Jadefang details:

Tunnel Navigating to Jadefang:

Enter the Crumbling Depths, continue going straight, deeper into the crumbling depths.
Once you see the more »