How To Unlock The Firelands Daily Quests?

How To Unlock The Firelands Daily Quests?

Hyjal Leading Quests

The new daily quests from Firelands were added in 4.2.
There is a small issue.

In order to do them, see the vendors, etc, it is required that the player already did around exactly 90 normal quests in Mount Hyjal because the zone has phases and the Firelands Dailies are only available during the final phase.
Mount Hyjal questing works like this: there are 4 main npcs and the story will follow these 4 npcs, as you can see in the image, you need to assist those 4 characters, Goldrinn, Tortolla (the giant turtle), Aviana and Aessina.

The only way to unlock the quests is to start doing the Mount Hyjal quests, it takes around 2-3 or more hours to grinding them, until the final phase.

Once the all 4 npcs have been assisted and with the 90th quest, you will be able to see Furion and the Firelands events as you can see in this image. The Firelands dailies vendor can be accessed after you gain 20 marks (Mark of the World Tree) and is in a cave from a Firelands zone (not the raid). You can get there by going trough the portal where you see Furion. (check the image here).

Firelands Dailies

Seems that the World Tree vendor will sell just 3-4 epic items at start, after you gain 150 marks more will be unlocked.

Notice that all the new enchants, epic patterns and items that were introduced in 4.2 are Firelands dailies rewards.

Last tip for alts, rather level any alts starting in Mount Hyjal and ignoring Vashj’ir, just because of these daily quests.

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