Where is the justice points vendor?

Currently with justice points you can get blue items, much superior than those you got from leveling in cataclysm.
The vendor for justice points is for alliance in Command Center, in Stormwind.
Command center is located in Old Town, near the training dummies and stables. With around 2.200 points you can get one item, also there are epic items for the future raiding progress, tier 11 for all classes.
In command center you can also train your character if you are a hunter or warrior. In order to get justice points you need to do dungeons, either normal or heroic, and you can get only 70 justice points / day, by doing a random dungeon. Also at the justice vendor you can buy weapons, there are some few weapons, mostly single handed. Yet the pvp gear isn’t in the game, they might be added after 14 dec, make sure you have 4k honor cap.

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