Hunter cataclysm survival pvp spec

Starting from today there will be some posts about the specs for hunters in cataclysm, since we have them from wowtal. You can also go there and play with the talents.

So here is my survival spec for pvp in cataclysm.
As we see the most fun thing is Mirrored Blades, that will have 100% chance to reflect any spells vs hunter to the enemy. Popping deterrence when an ele shammy is nuking or destro lock will be quite fun.

Other interesting thing is that we now can put points into Deflection (parry 12%) chance and also reduce the disarms effects by half of the duration. So we can enchant our 2h weapon with AP or what we will have in cataclysm.

Also we can use Counterattack who will just put a player frozen for 5 seconds after parrying one attack.

Then some points in marksman so we can have Aimed Shot.
And the last points into BM tree, making some tanking tweaks.

Here is the picture with the talents:

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