Tol Barad Rewards

These are the Tol Barad rewards, after gaining badges and reputation with this mini faction from Cataclysm, you will be able to buy items, mounts, potions, etc.

The Tol Barad mounts:
Reins of the Drake of the West Wind (flying mount), costs 200 badges and requires exalted reputation with Baradin’s Wardens. Is the most expensive item to purchase, 200 badges.

Reins of the Spectral Steed (for Alliance) and Reins of the Spectral Wolf (for the Horde), requires 165 badges and exalted reputation.

Tol Barad trinkets rewards:
Other fancy reward from Tol Barad are the trinkets, there are trinkets for every class, dps, melee, caster, even some interesting items like Mirror of broken images that reminds of the vanilla boss encounters where elemental dmg resistance was required for tanks.

- Mandala of stirring patterns (caster) – 321 spirit and chance to get 1926 mastery rating for 10 seconds.
- Mirror of broken images (random) – 321 mastery rating and 400 resistance to arcane, fire, frost, etc. for 10 seconds.
- Impatience of youth (melee) – 321 mastery rating and 1605 strength for 20 sec on use.
- Stump of time (caster) – 321 hit rating and chance to get 1926 spell power for 15 seconds.
- Unsolvable riddle (melee or ranged agility class) – 321 mastery rating 1605 agility for 20 sec on use.

Except those items, there are some blue gear items, not worth to spend badges on.
However you will want after you got the mounts and trinket, the Tol Barad tabard (Baradin’s Warden tabard) for 40 badges, Baradin footman’s tags (a fun trinket that will summon a footman to fight for you) (40 badges), a companion pet for 50 badges, and an important item that a guild for example will need, a battle standard, Baradin’s Warden Battle standard that will increase dmg by 10% in Tol Barad fights. A crucial item, get it if you have a group that is doing constantly Tol Barad.

To get Tol Barad rewards simply do the daily quests that rewards badges, fight in Tol Barad, the side who wins gets 3 badges / player, the one who will lose gets nothing.

These are the rewards for Tol Barad, it is your choice what items to pick first, either mounts, or trinket.

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