Where Is The Season 10 PVP Vendor?

There were many rumors since yesterday about the Season 10 PVP gear, the Season 9 titles, some unfair gladiator titles given, etc.

The Season 10 PVP gear (Ruthless Gladiator’s) is available in Stormwind and Orgrimmar at the old spots. (Champion’s Hall for Alliance).

Ruthless Gladiator's Gear Season 10

There are the tier 1 and tier 2 already available at vendors, the gear cost the same as they did in the last season, 3400 conquest points for a two handed weapon.

The Season 10 Vicious Set is replacing the Bloodthirsty Set (the blue gear) from Season 9 and can be found at the vendor that was selling the old blue PVP gear.
Why this move?
Probably Blizzard wanted to reward the casual PVPers that are not doing arena right now and give them something to play battlegrounds for.
The Season 10 Vicious Gladiator’s gear is only available for armor and trinkets, the weapons are still having the stats from Season 9.

Another hot topic is the Gladiator Mahboi, an enhancement shaman, lvl 77 that has the Gladiator title.

Already some US teams have 2700+ rating: Combustion@Cyclone having 34-20 win/loss. This proves that Blizzard did not reset the MMR from last season.

Good luck to everyone on the new season!

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